contact lenses


contacts are thin lenses placed directly onto the surface of the eyes. These are made from premium grade materials that are safe and comfortable for the eyes.

Contacts are alternative medical devices for eyeglasses. Most contact lenses are used to help improve vision problems. This includes myopia, hyperopia, and regular or irregular astigmatism. Some are used for therapeutic purposes while others are for aesthetic reasons.

People choose to wear contacts instead of eyeglasses for various reasons. Most individuals usecontacts because of comfort and convenience. Contact lenses do not collect moisture from rain, heat, or snow as compared to eyeglasses.

Others wear them due to cosmetic and aesthetic reasons. Contacts come in clear and coloredlenses. Colored lenses can be stylish and may transform one’s appearance.

Some also wear them because of functionality. Compared with spectacles, contacts provide better peripheral vision. Additionally, eyesight conditions such as aniseikonia and keratoconus are corrected optimally with contacts.

Carolinas Eye Center in Charlotte provides premium grade contact lenses. We aim to help enjoy a clearer vision and improve your eyesight problems. Our goal is to ensure that you get the eye care needs that you deserve.

Most contact lenses come with a prescription. This is to ensure that you are wearing the right contacts. Wearing contact lenses that do not fit your eyesight needs may cause more vision problems. Thus, you must first undergo an eye checkup before buying and using contact lenses.

At Carolinas Eye Center, Dr. Wesley Clement will conduct a comprehensive examination and diagnosis for your eyes. He will recommend the most ideal type of contact lens and the lens solution that suits your lifestyle.

Dr. Clement will also give you tips and guidelines on how to maintain your contact lenses. Contact lenses should be changed regularly. As your vision improves, your lenses should also be updated.

Most important, NEVER sleep in your contact lenses.


Ashley from the office will be calling to provide more information and schedule your appointment.  We can’t wait to “see” you…